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JCB Computer Services is committed to providing you with the reliable, professional, and prompt service that you need to keep your computer working for you.

Whether it is used for your business, your home office, online gaming, the kids' homework, or simply keeping in touch, your computer needs to be running at its best all the time! Spyware, viruses, and outdated hardware all conspire to slow your computer down and make it less useful for you. JCB Computer Services offers a variety of services to help make your computer run as good as new!

Recommended Computer Protection

Why spend hundreds of dollars each year on a security subscription when you can get the same or better protection for free?

We recommend that every computer user have at least the following protection: a PERSONAL FIREWALL, some sort of resident ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION, and a resident and/or manual scan ANTI-SPYWARE, ANTI-ADWARE, and ANTI-MALWARE program.

Please be aware that the following programs are generally free for personal, non-commercial use. Be sure to read the terms & conditions in the licensing agreement for each to ensure that you are using the correct, legal version of each. If you have more advanced or commercial needs, please contact JCB Computer Services to discuss your security needs.

Personal Firewall

A personal firewall protects your internet connection in both inbound and outbound directions.  This helps keep unwanted programs from communicating with the internet, and can help to stop hidden program installations from the internet. Some routers provide rudimentary hardware firewall protection, but it is always recommended to also protect your computer with a personal firewall.

***** ZoneAlarm Free Edition (

***** Comodo Personal Firewall (

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software protect your computer by scanning new and existing files to prevent infection by viruses, Trojan horses, and many other types of malware.

***** AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition (

***** Avast! Anti-Virus (

***** Comodo Anti-Virus (

Anti-Spyware and Adware Protection

Spyware protection programs scan your computer for adware/spyware/malware and can remove them.

***** Ad-Aware (

***** Spybot Search & Destroy (

***** Windows Defender (

***** Spyware Blaster (

More Advanced Scan and Removal Tools:

**** SuperAntiSpyware (

**** MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (

****VundoFix ( - a removal tool for Trojan.Vundo and its many variants

****HijackThis ( - a VERY ADVANCED and POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS malware removal tool

Recommended Software

Why spend hundreds of dollars each year on a expensive software when you can get the same or better software for free?

Web Browsers

A web browser allows you to view web pages and interact on the internet. The most common browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, it is also the most-targeted for virus and malware attacks. JCB Computer Services recommends the following FREE alternative:

***** Firefox (

Email Clients

An email client allows you to send and receive email over the internet. The most commonly used email clients are Microsoft Outlook (for business users) and/or Microsoft Outlook Express / Windows Mail (for home users). However, these are also the most-targeted for virus, spam, and phishing attacks. JCB Computer Services recommends the following FREEalternative:

***** Thunderbird (

Desktop Productivity Suites

Desktop Productivity Suites include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and other software. Microsoft Officeis the “gold standard” of these suites, however there is an
excellent FREE alternative:

***** Open Office (

CD/DVD Burning Software

CD/DVD Burning Software allows you to create a music CD, back up your computer to CDs or DVDs, or just copy files to a CD or DVD to transport them from one location to another. Common commercial examples are Nero Burning ROM and Roxio Easy-CD Creator. This software requires that you have a CD/RW and/or DVD/RW drive installed in your computer as well as CD-R or similar blank media on which to write the files. We recommend the following FREE alternative:

***** CD Burner XP (

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